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Important Attributes of Conversions-Focused SEO Web Design

When your website is designed for increased SEO, search engines will easily index and promote it on SERPs. And any site that’s built with a strong focus on conversion rates will encourage visitors to buy, order, subscribe, contact, and more, rather than just arrive and leave without doing anything meaningful the site’s business objectives. So a website won’t help attain business goals if it’s not focused on “pleasing” search engines and human users in equal measure. The guidelines below can help your Pittsburgh website design improve prospects for search engine visibility and conversions:

Search Engine Crawling

Confirm that search engine crawlers will encounter no trouble scrutinizing your web pages and finding out what these are all about. Before search engines decipher you web pages for indexation, they need to comprehend the entire content. Yet, that’s feasible only when the majority of the content is in text form, even if beneath the surface. No matter the software tech of today, search engines recognize only text content, requiring text tagging for all web images, video, and graphics to index pages perfectly.

Likewise, how links are deployed impacts crawling activities. Typically, search engines look at internal website links for indexation of pages other than the main one. Your primary links, sitemaps, and similar search engine directives are important to website crawling and discovery of fresh content.


As at now, the mobile phone tops the list of devices most commonly used to search the web. That makes it important to build a mobile-friendly site pleasant to the high proportion of prospects visiting you online. Keep in mind how your web visitors prefer to explore and utilize your platform using their mobile device, then design a tool that makes everything easy for them. Responsive design is also an essential Google optimization priority, meaning that you’ll surely have poor SERP visibility if your site is not great to explore via mobile devices.

Page Speed

The loading time for your web pages is critical to SEO ranking, particularly now that the majority of your visitors will be using less powerful mobile devices. Users may lack the patient to wait, or their internet connection may be slow. As such, the lean coding of web pages is an integral part of site design focused on high SERP and conversions. Pages that a have mean design load very fast, enabling users to explore them further instead of speedily quitting and trying another available option on search engine results. The place where you’re hosting the website will influence loading time too.

Insist that the expert you hire for Pittsburgh website design takes search engine optimization into account. Require the professional to create a site that conveniently converts traffic into purchases.

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