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Unleash the Scientific Explanation for Ghost

Have you ever seen a ghost or do you believe in supernatural beings? While there are many stories about ghost experiences, there are more specific scientific explanations why there could be ghost visions most especially at night. In this article, we will present some known logical explanations for the ghostly presence in a so-called haunted house or any property with the help of ghost scientific research. The different results of scientific research involve ghost perception associated with electromagnetic fields, infrasound, mold, carbon dioxide poisoning, psychological belief, and vision problems.

Are you experiencing strange noises and odors in the night? The perception about ghosts has been associated with the scientific explanation about the effects of electromagnetic fields on the perception about ghosts, with the hypothesis that pulsed magnetic fields can make people feel that there is a presence of ghost in the room which causes unusual activity patterns in the temporal lobes of the brain. The weak electromagnetic fields in the brain for fifteen to thirty minutes creates a perception that there is an invisible presence in the room. The fact is that even places with a known reputation for being haunted also feature unusual magnetic fields. On the other hand, infrasound refers to low-frequency vibrations or sound levels that human beings cannot hear, causing distinct body discomfort but are heard by animals like elephants. People may associate the disorientation, heart rate changes, discomfort, panic feelings, and blood pressure changes to a visiting ghost when they hear low-frequency noise, most especially in residences used to noisy environments such as high-traffic areas. Inaudible vibrations from an electric fan or even the first-time strange sounds of an air conditioner or refrigerator can cause disorientating effects that people associate with ghost’s presence. There are toxic molds presence in vacant properties, and mold growth may actually cause symptoms linked with the presence of ghosts such as dementia and irrational fear. Watch out fault furnace at home when you start to experience ghost-like presence because carbon monoxide poisoning may cause visual and aural hallucinations.

Ghost experiences and ghost hunting are greatly affected by strong beliefs and traditions, and people easily believe if someone says it is real. Through scientific research, we can now find logical answers to even the most impossible paranormal activities. Have you recently experienced any paranormal activity that needs scientific explanation? Are you seeing or hearing ghosts almost every night? In order to find out more about ghost scientific research, feel free to check our website or homepage today!

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