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Some Helpful Tips to Feed Your Dog Its Medication

One of the most challenging things about owning a dog is having to give them their medication when they really need them a lot. Most of the time, dogs will always know that they are being played tricks by their respective owners. Luckily, humans are smarter creatures and so they will always have some solutions in order for their dog to be taking the medicine that will be given to them.

The more challenging means for you to give your dog the medication that they need

Training: There are just some dog owners that know how to properly train their dogs and make sure that their dogs follow every command that they give them with the example of eating whatever will be given to them once the command of ‘eat’ is being said. You might think that this is impossible but actually it is very much possible to give just about anything to your dog such as their medicine and then have them consume it just as long as you know how to properly train them and if your dog is really that keen in following your every command. The only thing that is wrong with this technique is when your dog needs to already take some medications and you still have not trained them properly to master such a command.

Force: Though this does not come highly suggested, forcing your dog to eat their medicine can be done when the need arises. However, when you do this to your dog, not only are you making such experience unpleasant on both parties but also you are letting them become more aggressive.

Playing some tricks on your dog

Food: When your dog is fast at eating their food, then you could have their medicine placed inside their food and they will never know. However, if they do think that something is off, you can always add some gravy and watch their food and their medicine disappear.

The best solution to giving your dog their medication

Disguise: This method has been shown to not just be the easiest but the best option as well when it comes to feeding your dog their meds. Since not all dogs easily believe the idea that their meds are treats, you can be more successful in feeding them their meds when you dress them as treats. This can be done by easily wrapping your med inside the food that you will feed them such as ham, turkey, cheese, and many more. There are also soft treats that you can use to place your pill inside them to feed them. There are even dog treats that have been made to especially disguise pills placed inside them such as pet pill pockets.

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